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My Fair Lady to San Carlo's Opera House

Du 14 octobre au 24 octobre 2021

Musical in two acts
Musical version of the comedy by G. B. Shaw, Pygmalion (1912), lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner


Conductor | Donato Renzetti

Master of the Chorus | Gea Garatti Ansini

Stage director | Paul Curran

Set designer | Gary Mc Cann

Costume designer | Giusi Giustino

Choreographer | Kyle Lang

Lighting designer| David Martin Jacques




Eliza Doolittle | Nancy Sullivan

Mr. Henry Higgins | Robert Hands

Colonel Pickering | John Conroy



Orchestra, Chorus and Ballet of Teatro di San Carlo

Coproduction of Teatro di San Carlo and Teatro Massimo di Palermo


October 2021

Thursday 14 October, h 20.00 - Series A - Fee V

Friday 15 October, h 20.00 - Series C / D - Fee VI

Saturday 16 October, h 17.00 - Out of Subscription / h 21.00 - Out of Subscription (two performances) - Fee V

Sunday 17 October, h 17.00 - Series F - Fee V

Tuesday 19 October, h 20.00 - Out of Subscription - Fee VI

Wednesday 20 October, h 18.00 - Series B - Fee VI

Thursday 21 October, h 18.00 - Out of Subscription - Fee VI

Friday 22 October, h 17.00 - Out of Subscription / h 21.00 - Out of Subscription (two performances) - Fee VI

Saturday 23 October, h 17.00 - Out of Subscription / h 21.00 - Out of Subscription (two performances) - Fee V

Sunday 24 October, h 17.00 - Out of Subscription - Fee V



Language: Sung in English with Italian and English surtitles

Running time: about 2 hours and 50 minutes, with one interval



Still fresh after 60 years from its Broadway opening, this show landed two seasons ago at Teatro di San Carlo. One of the most famous in its genre, this musical run on Broadway for 2717 performances after his debut in March, 1956 and for 2281 performances in the West End. A very young Julie Andrews was casted as Eliza Doolittle, the clumsy flower girl, in both New York and London. The role was then given to Audrey Hepburn for the film version of 1964, which sanctioned the success of the show. It is well known that lyricist Alan Lerner took the plot and dialogue from Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion (1913) and worked closely with composer Frederick Loewe to create a musical that included all the genre's fashionable ingredients with funny scenes, misadventures and great chorus numbers. My Fair Lady's music takes the spectator for a happy spin of famous melodies with entire sections worthy of an opera masterpiece but always light-heartedly. It is the story of a mature professor that falls in love with his creation (Pygmalion's myth). The girl, to which he teaches phonetics and good bed manners, in order to win a bet and to introduce her to the English upper class, ends up shaking his foundations, and changes his misogynous vision of the world.


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