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The history of the rooms

Don Nicola's room

Nicola Lecaldano Sasso la Terza Nobody really knows what he was up to. We only know that he lived very well and at the end of 1800 he made a fantastic voyage all the way to China and Japan.

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O' Maestro's Room

Gaetano Fusella Gaetano Fusella married Chiara Stella, the youngest daughter of the Marquis Lecaldano. He contributed to increase the good reputation of the music Conservatoire of Naples.

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Zi Assuntina's Room

The young Assuntarella studied piano at the Conservatoire in Naples where she met her composition teacher, Maestro Antonio Savasta. Although much older, he fell in love with her beauty and married her....

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Ida's room

The third daughter of Nicola Lecaldano, met Domenico Pace from Guglionesi, a small town in Molise who came to Naples to attend University at the end of 1800. They married in 1900 and had 5 children: Vittorio,...

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Anastasia a 'Friulana

Giovanna was very beautiful, tall and blonde as they were not seen in those parts. In town everyone wondered who the groom would ever be. Her mother wanted a queen marriage and a prince husband for her...

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Dorina da Sorrento Room

Dorina was not born in the city. Her childhood was spent in the countryside suspended between sky and sea in the Lattari mountains, looking after goats and chickens. The first time she saw Naples and the...

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Mimž do 'Vesuvio

Everything but not the Duce, not the "young Italian" marching under the scorching sun of summer Saturdays. Gelsomina was the desperation of the whole family. All disciplined fascists, they found themselves...

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